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Weather in Alicante

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Weather in Alicante region is gorgeous with over 300 days of sunshine per year. If your holiday starts soon and you’re worried about the forecast, well don’t.

Situated in the middle of the Costa Blanca, right on the coast, Alicante is a year round destination. The Costa Blanca has sub-tropical Mediterranean weather, Alicante being renown for its mild climate, with a generous average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius in winter and 32 degrees Celsius in summer.

This is probably due to Alicante sheltered position: sandwiched between two capes and with its back to a mountain range (about 1600 m high). Therefore, with cool sea breezes in the summer and mild temperatures in the winter, the weather of Alicante region is hard to beat.

Alicante Weather, the biggest advantage

Worried about rainy days? Forget about it and keep a warm thought about your future holidays: Alicante region as a part of the Costa Blanca, is recommended by The World Health Organization as one of the most equitable climates in the world, with the average rainfall to around 20 days per year.

Great weather, and all sorts of activities at your fingertips! Even in high winter, expect only a little humidity. Compared to previous years, Alicante has become extremely dry, with little rainfall, due to global warming.

The weather in Alicante is usually very warm and for the next years is predicted that the already dry area will have even less rainfall due to climate changes. Therefore, be happy! If you want, you can explore the city on foot without taking with you an unpleasant umbrella.

Wanna work on a perfect tan? Alicante region is just perfect for accomplishing this dream of yours. Even in winter, the sunshine quota is around 6 hours. In summer you can expect a long twelve hours to laze away the day. Sunny weather in Alicante beats your highest expectations.

So, it is perfect for sunbathing from May to October, but also permits a lot of other holiday activities. For example, if you are the explorer type, you can explore the region even in winter because the sunny, mainly dry days are a characteristic of the weather in Alicante. If you don’t like the sun that much, but you really enjoy the sea breeze and a good worm bath in the sea, there is absolutely no problem! Alicante weather can provide that.

From July to September, there is a constant, pleasant sea breeze and the sea temperature is at its warmest, ideal for water sports enthusiasts. Pack for Costa Blanca, and at any time, Alicante guarantees you a great time! Just in case, if you scheduled your holiday any time from October to May bring a jacket for the nights.

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