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Want to Relocate to Alicante

by Lucy James
(Nottingham, UK and Alicante, Spain)

My family have owned a property in VillaMartin, just outside of Alicante, for many years. I've always enjoyed to laid back lifestyle out there and have never been one for the rat race.

I make some income on a freelance basis as a mechanical engineer and my partner earns some money with a few websites that he owns online.

In order to move out there permanently, myself and my partner had to get on top of our outgoings back home and make our investments pay for themselves.

We had paid off about 25k of our 110k property but the outgoings for this on top of everything else were just too much.

The house was re-mortgaged as a Buy to Let property. This free'd up some money to enable us to take the initial plunge and we now have a very decent passive income from renting out our buy to let property.

We part own the website arm of an independent mortgage brokers in the UK. If you're looking to do something similar we would be happy to help. You can visit to if you would like to find out more or email Ask for Lucy James and, if you would like to, mention this website to help explain what it is you're looking for.

We don't like the lives of millionaires out here, but the relaxed lifestyle and simple beauty is too great to pass up on.

Best of luck relocating abroad!!


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