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When renting or buying one of the lovely and luminous villas in Alicante, Spain is definitely a dream come true if you are coming from a colder and rainier climate! More and more people are interested in one of the villas in Alicante, and they sure have good reasons!

Villas in AlicanteWhen renting or even more, owning a villa in alicante, you avoid the cost of repeated hotel booking, and you know your economy is safe knowing you made an investment in the growing Spanish property market. Only in 2007 it was estimated that more than fifty thousand Britons moved to Spain to start a sunny new life!

Altea is a place to choose if you are looking for a dash of tradition and history, at the foot of Sierra de Bernia mountain. Sure, there’s always Ok the beautiful Marina of El Campello to take in consideration when renting a villa in Alicante area, or if you’re lingering for unspoiled nature, Torrevieja is definitely your spot, among its natural parks.

When renting one of the villas in Alicante, you should look for a property offering weekly or monthly rates, as most of them give big discounts to guest that stays for longer periods. Most of the villas in Allicante can accommodate 4-8 people and the renting cost per villa is between £500 and £1000 per week, which comparing to the hotel rates turns to be very cheap.

There are other reasons too why you should vote for renting a villa. One of them is of course, the great privacy and space! Most of the villas in Alicante are spaced apart from the neighbor villas, so you can work on your tan unhampered! And there’s always the extras to consider, as many villas feature extra facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen, your own private pool and or the extra rooms you won’t be able to book while in a hotel.

Villas in AlicanteAre you with young children and worrying about their noise disturbing the other hotel guests? You got yourself another reason for renting a villa.

When you’re not rushed back in office by responsibilities or when you can work from home, why not spend a few months in your villa in Alicante, for a convenient rate, enjoying the best Alicante has to offer: sunny days, amazing landscapes, impressing culture, great food, lovely beaches, in a word – the luxury of relaxation.

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For Villas in Altea select Marina Baja
For Villas in Calpe select Marina Alta
For Villas in El Campello select Alicante region

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It’s as easy as getting from A to B, not rocket science! When you come to Alicante, you don't want to miss the beautiful Costa Blanca scenery, inland towns, beaches and many attractions.

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English to Spanish Translation
Josephine Riquelme Ph.D. lives in Alicante and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (London). She is accredited by the Spanish Foreign Office as a Sworn Translator and she also holds the British and Spanish teaching qualifications.

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