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Alicante, the fabulous beach resort on the Mediterranean Costa Blanca of Spain, has a rich history going back 7000 years. The lifestyle is rather laid back with a small population in a small size city. Sooner or later you get to know most of the people around you. It boasts of soft sandy beaches, a university, a historical centre and the Asegurada Museum.

It has a typical Levantine small town look and feel replete with rich Spanish culture and traditions. Naturally visitors would like to know more about Alicante and the surrounding places of interest. Online Alicante travel guides are the best sources of information on travel, stay, food and places of interest here.

In a city and a country where Spanish is the main language, it does help to be able to converse reasonably well. It makes the stay enjoyable and worthwhile and one gets so much more out of the travel experience. Language here, as elsewhere, is the key to communications, developing relationships, understanding Spanish culture and its traditions. Frequent travelers know this and come prepared with some knowledge of the language.

A better way, however, is to learn the language in Spain, in Alicante itself. This way it is easy to combine your tour experience with some learning. After all, one does not spend the entire day in fun and frolics. ESL Language Studies Abroad offers well designed and structured Spanish course in Alicante. ESL has a unique global reputation for combing tourism with learning languages abroad. A stay abroad is enhanced by learning the local language and practicing it.

Learning a language in the country of its origin gives you a way to acquire a deeper and better understanding of its traditions and history. ESL partner language school here offers standard, intensive and combined Spanish course in Alicante, each further divided into various levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Stay with a host family arranged through ESL's partner language school and gain still better understanding of the way of life here.

Classrooms are large, airy, air conditioned and the institute is located close to the sea. Students learn at the hands of professionally qualified and expert teachers in a fun, interactive way. What you learn in the class, you practice out there on the beaches or in the markets during your leisure time. Leisure and studies reinforce each other leading to fluency in a shorter time. Take part in excursions and explore the surrounding regions as you pursue the Spanish course in Alicante. It is a heightening, enriching experience and totally enjoyable. The accent is not on pedagogy but on imparting knowledge in a motivating and immersive way that combines leisure and studies in equal measure. It does not get any better and ESL's partner language schools across follow a similar method, contributing to its ever increasing popularity as the preferred travel-language study portal.

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