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Tropical Smoothie ZUMit

Tropical Smoothie ZUMit

Our company has introduced a long waited product in Spain: SMOOTHIES ZUMit

In today’s world we get busier each day, we suffer from stress, we become more and more sedentary and our eating habits become worse which makes it difficult to reach a personal and professional harmony. We are longing for the right balance in life but we won’t be able to reach this if this vision does not go hand in hand with actions…then it will only stay a vision….

SMOOTHIES ZUMit proposes a plan which makes that goal achievable.

The eating of fruit play a vital role in each stage of our life and help us reach a physical and mental balance. They are the promoters of health and contribute to improving our quality of life.

The mission of our company is to help accomplish the desired personal balance starting within our bodies, offering SMOOTHIES that provide energy; health and which enhance our internal and external beauty.

We deliver ideal fruit combinations for its nutritious value in individually wrapped bags; this simplifies the elaboration process making it possible for our clients to benefit from a complimentary offer of natural fruit juices.

If you share our philosophy, believe in our values and you would like to be part of the ZUMit family, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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