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Granada Spain Information

Granada Spain Information

Find Granada Spain information, including la Alhambra, history, culture, skiing and much more about this stunning city. Granada is located at the foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains (east of Andalusia Community). An outstanding Andalusian legacy blends architectural diamonds from the Renaissance with the most modern facilities.

Alhambra Granada Spain

Granada Spain Information, La AlhambraThe Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace, is one of the most famous items of the Islamic historical legacy that makes Granada a hot spot among cultural and tourist cities in Spain.

It is a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish rulers of Granada in southern Spain (known as Al-Andalus when constructed during the mid 14th century), occupying a hilly terrace on the southeastern border of the city.

Granada Spain Information - The History

Granada Spain InformationThe city has been inhabited from the dawn of history. In 1013, Granada became an independent emirate Taifa of Granada.

By the end of the eleventh century, the city had spread across the Darro to reach what is now the site of the Alhambra.

Granada was held as a vassal to Castile for many decades, and provided trade links with the Muslim world, particularly the gold trade with the sub-saharan areas of south of Africa.

Granada Spain Information - The Culture

Granada Spain InformationTalking about Granada culture means poetry, music, passion, monuments, happiness, art and so on... It has inspired so many artist throughout the years. This city definitely has something special.

Granada was an important part of the Arabic world for 800 years and still holds traces of its Arab past in its heart, culture and in the architecture of the city.

Skiing Granada

Granada Spain InformationSkiing in Granada - Sierra Nevada, is an excellent choice when planning your trip. It is easily accessible from the city and is a well prepared station which has hosted various national and international ski events.

Depending on the snow levels, the season usually starts at the end of November and last until sometime in April.

Granada Airport Spain

Granada International Airport is called Federico Garcia Lorca. It is located about 19 miles west of Granada. The Airport was given its actual name in 2006 for the famous Granada poet, there are international routes from many european cities.

There are two information desks in the Granada Airport Spain, one is located in the baggage reclaim hall and the second one next to the entrance to the departures lounge.

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Alhambra Granada Spain
The Alhambra is one of Spain's most famous tourist attractions and a magnificent exhibition of Islamic architecture.

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