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Choosing a professional for your English to Spanish Translation

Is the following correct?

"The ability to speak two or more languages qualifies someone to do an english to spanish translation, be your interpreter or teacher"

Read on and decide for yourself.

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Principal differences between someone who speaks another language and a professional linguist

A linguist practitioner who is accredited by a recognised body follows a strict code of professional conduct. An Associate, Member or Fellow of an organisation such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists will undertake each job following a code of professional conduct.

Membership is only available to highly skilled linguists with an intricate knowledge of two or more languages. Professional linguists will have an in-depth understanding of particular fields and will undertake their assignments with an appropriate degree of precision.

They are able to bridge cultural differences by going beyond the literal meaning. This is achieved by using their knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of regional language and cultural variants.

A professional linguist will have a sound mastery of their target language and will normally work into their mother tongue or language of habitual use.

Budgeting considerations

English to Spanish Translation, interpretation, consultancy or language training undertaken poorly can be disastrous for an individual or business. When budgeting for a linguist it is worth taking into consideration the difference an appropriately qualified linguist can make.

In response to a pupil who commented on the maestro’s fee, Scnabel said “I could give cheaper lessons but I couldn’t recommend them.” Translation errors, such as ‘Nothing sucks like an Electrolux’, highlight the need for professional translation services.

Identify what you need

What you require undertaken will determine which practitioner you commission: Interpreter, Translator, Lexicographer, Copywriter, Editor, Proofreader, Cultural Consultant or Language Trainer. Translation and Interpretation are often confused.

The translator works with the written word and the interpreter with the spoken word. There are different forms of interpreting such as simultaneous and consecutive.

Before choosing a practitioner, as a basic guideline, you must identify your source and target languages (eg English into Spanish), the type of linguist (eg translator, interpreter etc), accreditations the linguist should hold (this is especially important if you require certification or a document to be sworn) and the subject area (eg a legal translator may not be appropriate to translate a medical document or translate a marketing letter about golf or horse riding)…

An example of a professional linguist

Josephine Riquelme Ph.D. lives in Alicante and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (based in London) and is officially accredited by the Spanish Foreign Office as a Sworn Translator (Intérprete Jurado). She also holds the British and Spanish teaching qualifications (PGCE, QTS).

Josephine has a lot of experience as a linguist and applies three principles to each job: Accuracy, Attention to Detail and Timeliness. She has worked as an interpreter for the Vice President of Catalonia, a lecturer at Kingston University (London) and has published material which includes a Spanish dictionary for Penguin Books (ISBN: 0141020458).

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