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Altea Spain

A traditional fishing village

Altea Spain

Altea Spain is one of the most beautiful and traditional fishing village in Costa Blanca. Lovely beaches and coves, mountains overlooking the sea, excellent weather, culture and great hospitality.

Located at the foot of the Sierra de Bernia, Altea is a calm and tranquil fishing village. It is located just 10 Km away from Benidorm and 50 Km from Alicante City. You can reach Altea via the N332 or the main motorway AP7 (Exit 64). You can rent a car or book a taxi in advanced from the Airport to Altea.

The narrow gauge train between Alicante and Denia has a stop in Altea or you can take the bus, run by the spanish company ALSA, from Alicante Bus station.

Altea SpainAltea Spain has a beautiful parish church, with its stylish bell tower and its dome covered with glazed blue and white ceramic tiles, it has become one of the most unique visual landmarks on the Costa Blanca.

Its beaches and coves are an undoubted attraction for many visitors as well as the excellent weather, cultural activities and festivities celebrated in this part of the Costa Blanca.

A nice way of knowing Altea Spain, is to leave the car and take a walk for its old town. This will allow you to take direct contact with the place, its people, culture and traditions.

During your visit to Altea you will find a large number of craft workshops, shops and restaurants that occupy the ground floor of the houses and the lovely church of the Virgen del Consuelo.

Depending on the liturgical calendar, Altea celebrate Carnival in February or March, and Easter, which is another of the cultural manifestations of most religious roots among the population, between the months of March and April.

In the Olla de Altea, separated from the urban area by the river Algar, one of the most impressive fireworks display takes place on 12-14 August, celebrating the festivity of "San Lorenzo".

These fireworks are set from land and sea and it is one of the most famous display known internationally. It is called the Castell de l'Olla.

Altea Hill

Altea SpainJust a few kilometers away from the village you will find Sierra de Berna. These impressive Altea hill offer spectacular views of the coastline and mediterranean sea. In this area you will find the "Don Cayo" golf club.

Altea Hills offer a marvellous landscaped surroundings on the Eastern coast of Spain. There are many properties Altea has to offer in this area as well as lovely and relaxing hotels.

If you are looking for villas or Properties, Altea hill is a fantastic area to consider so have a look around before making your final decision.

When you visit Altea, car rental is recommended to explore the nearby cities such as Benidorm and Calpe. You can pick a car in Alicante Airport and drive away to your holiday destination.

Altea Benidorm

Altea SpainFancy some wild nightlife? Want to explore one of the most exciting cities in the Costa Blanca?

Benidorm is full of skyscrapers and neon lights, great entertainment, sandy beaches, delicious food and more than 45 colourful fiestas year round.

Altea to Benidorm is only a short drive away, about 10 Km to find the favourite resort of the holidaymakers searching for sun, sea, fun and social vibe! You can take the narrow gauge train from Altea Station too and reach Benidorm after 5 stops.

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Altea Property
Altea property varies in luxury, style, and price – there is a home waiting for you in Altea, Spain today no matter what your budget or tastes may be. 2+ bedroom, 1+ bathroom bungalows & villas with wondrous views of the sea that are only a few blocks from the beach go for around $180,000 - $200,000 US Dollars.

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Looking for a steal on your next stay in Altea? Find 5-star rating hotels or quality hotels at an medium price point.

Villas in Altea
Stay in one of the many villas in Altea to truly enjoy your time in this beautiful part of Alicante. Altea is a beautiful old-world town with beaches, mountains, and plenty to do.

Altea Apartments
Altea Apartments prices are very affordable, they range from $400 (US Dollars) a month and up. There is an old world charm that only places in Europe, like Altea, can provide - away from the modern day strip malls and cookie cutter sub divisions. It is no wonder that many choose to call this mecca their home.

Weather Altea
The weather Altea offer is just gorgeous, renown for its mild climate, with a generous average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius in winter and 32 degrees Celsius in summer.

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Luxury Altea Villa for Sale
Luxury Altea Villa for Sale
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Hotel in Altea
Hotels in Altea
You will find the best deals if you book some time in advance.

Car Rentals in Alicante
Car Rentals
It’s as easy as getting from A to B, not rocket science! When you come to Altea, you don't want to miss the beautiful Costa Blanca scenery, inland towns, beaches and many attractions.

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