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Alicante web site design is ideal if you are a sole trader or small or medium sized company based in the Costa Blanca. You might consider it is impossible to get anywhere with the internet - that is, in terms of advertising and marketing. After all, there are only about 200 million websites out there!! If you think I'm exaggerating check out Netcraft.

Differentiation - not so easy...

Let's face it, if it's difficult to differentiate your business from the competition offline then 'ow ya goin' do it online?? For just a moment think of, say, a chicken hatchery or a translation company - what are their unique selling points? Consider if these USPs will be different to their competitors... "We provide accurate and quality translations that are delivered on time. "That's great, but so does everyone else!

"...the harder I work, the luckier I get..."

Intelligent Thinking + PERSISTANCE = Success [IT + P = S]

A very talented and successful business man once said "the harder I work, the luckier I get." So, if we knuckle down there may be some hope for internet for marketing for you. After all, we are talking about the World Wide Web.

We mustn't underestimate its power...

The internet is in CONSTANT use, twenty-four hours a day, every single day of the year!! Imagine just how many people are using it this second. You and I could be in very separate parts of the world and we could be using it at the very same moment of time, even looking at the same page and reading the exact same word!!

The power of the internet for marketing and communication has got to be unprecedented, without a doubt. But you'll be amazed about how many websites we come across that have a zero page ranking, they may as well not even be on the internet.

On doing a search, number 20 million on the Google page list means that, having a website is almost a waste of time! "Oh" we hear, "but when I put my business name in the browser it comes up on the first page." Well, this is great if you want to find yourself but the real power of using the internet for marketing rests in people finding you when they do NOT know your business from 'Adam' (sounds a little blunt but that's the way it is).

Lets do a test together!

We specialize in Alicante web site design and marketing services. To cut a long story short, what if we were to say that it is possible for your website to be listed on the first page of a search engine, say Google, and, perhaps, within the first few lines, and, in addition, you recieve an income, what would you say!? "Oh oh" you say as you head to leave this page, thinking "how is this possible??" DOOON'T PANIC! We do not have an internet marketing book to sell!!

Lets test this out, we designed and manage this website, yes, the one you are reading now, do me a quick favour: click here on Google then type "Alicante City" into the browser and hit search. I don't even need to look Alicante City Insiders Guide should be at the number one position. If it hasn't then contact our Digital Team extra urgently and we'll fix it immediately!

"Ahhh" you say, "you've paid Google loads of money for the pleasure of coming at the top of the first page". Our reply iiis "Nope". We're just good at what we do (oh come on, someone's got to say it)! Guess what else? The owner of this website also receives an income from it before he's got out of bed in the morning and even if nothing has been sold!

To fall in that old trap of someone doing a pretty website for you that doesn't do anything at all but just look good can easily happen to anyone.

Simplicity is the best

Just take a quick look at the 'Internet Guru' Google: click HERE again and see just how SIMPLE the site has been designed. Google isn't convinced about 'pretty' with lots of fantastic pics, and if Google isn't convinced then nor are we as it 'ain't goin' to sell or do anything for you in the way of internet for marketing! What is critical is that your website has the correct CONTENT and is POSITIONED appropriately.

This means understanding search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and how search engines work or, better said, how they think.

The way they work is not static and they become more and more intelligent. Trying to trick them doesn't work anymore. Don't waste your time with website firms that say that they'll develop a beautiful site for you with moving images and stuff like that...with lots of word repetition and, oh, "it'll be up and running quickly and you'll be selling within the month" etc...

This is an absolute load of 'noise'. There are numerous examples, beyond belief, of websites with poorly targeted keywords and no ranking, designed by 'professionals' that have done nothing more than waste your valuable time and money.

Your website must have an economic value

Your Alicante web site design is a marketing tool and using the internet for marketing MUST make money for you via e selling directly or indirectly but preferably both. There is a lot of outside 'noise' about how to create an internet website (oh, by the way, the word 'noise' is a nice way of saying 'crap' or time wastage but, we prefer the word 'noise'!)

We want to help your business to MAKE MONEY THROUGH INTERNET MARKETING so we offer a WIN WIN SOLUTION for both parties. For your website we'll use a team of dedicated professionals who really know their job. We get paid but it's nothing to what you'll get out of it. Will you find cheaper? Yep, but we wouldn't recommend it. Cheap has this nasty habit of turning out expensive in both money and time.

When you use the internet for marketing you should get a return-on-investment maximisation

Allowing us the pleasure of taking on your Internet Marketing Management means that we can build the Best eCommerce Site with the Right Digital Targeting and Positioning for your company.

You will be enlightened about how much the internet has to offer you and your business. This is a bespoke service with the overall aim of creating an excellent investment:return ratio or, in other words, to maximise your return-on-investment.

How we can help

Your brief and what you say is really important to us, as this will give us direction and then we'll be in a position to DESIGN, DEVELOP, POSITION, MONITOR AND MAINTAIN YOUR WEBSITE. DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION and INTERNET DIGITAL BRAND DEVELOPMENT are part and parcel of the process and if you like, we can develop your website in different languages to maximise your international ecommerce marketing potential on a global level. If and/or when you have new products or channels then your new website will be the ideal platform for campaign marketing.

Find out how your business can benefit from our Alicante web site design and Marketing!

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