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Good rail links to the main Spanish cities


The city has good rail links to Madrid (Altaria Trains) and Barcelona (Euromed Trains). Other trains connect the city with Asturias, the Basque Country, Valencia, Castilla, and Montpellier (France). The main train station is located in the city center. All major spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville have daily connections.

If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Madrid by train it will take you just about three and a half hours from Alicante. Alicante second train station is a narrow gauge railway station close to the harbor. This train station is most important for local connections to cities along the Costa Blanca: Benidorm, Villajoyosa, Calpe, Altea etc.

Alicante Stations

As mentioned before, there are two train stations in Alicante:


Renfe is the national train company in Spain. Most of your journeys between cities will be with Renfe. The trains vary from luxury long-distance trains with buffet cars and first and second class.

Note that on some shorter journeys, prices can vary considerably if both long-distance and medium-distance trains serve your route, even though the journey time remains the same.

Address: Avenida Salamanca s/n
Phone number: 965 92 38 50

RENFE Website


This train station is run by the FGV - Ferrocarils de la Generalitat Valenciana, it is the most important for local connections to cities along the north of Alicante province.

Address: Avenida Villajoyosa 2
Phone number: 965 26 22 33

TRAM Website

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There is a wide range of excellent places to stay when visiting the Costa Blanca. A selection of Hotels, Villas, Hostels, Apartments and Campings in Alicante (cheap and expensive).

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Alicante Airport Car Hire
ItÂ’s as easy as getting from A to B, not rocket science! When you come to Alicante, you don't want to miss the beautiful Costa Blanca scenery, inland towns, beaches and many attractions.

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