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Alicante Restaurant Guide


There is a wide range of restaurants in the city offering typical Alicante dishes. If you plan on ordering paella, allow an extra half hour before your meal arrives, or call ahead and they'll start it while you're driving over.

To save some money and still eat in the best places, look out for the menu boards placed outside of each restaurant to advertise the "menu del día", a selection of 2 - 3 course meal which includes a drink of your choice, dessert and sometimes coffee for very reasonable prices.

They are usually available only during lunchtime. Excellent value! In Spain, service is included with the price of the meal or drink. However, tipping is a common practice, depending on the total price for the service, and on the generosity of the client. It is usually around five to ten percent of the total price.

Alicante Restaurant Guide

Navas 34

One of the best Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant in the heart of Alicante City, just minutes walk from the Principal Theatre or the famous Ramblas. You can taste some of the best Spanish Tapas in a relaxing environment.
  • Location: c/Navas 34. Alicante, 03001
  • Phone: 610917879
  • Int: (+34) 610917879
  • Email:

  • Darsena

    Alicante's best known fish and paella restaurant recently moved to the end of the new port to a new, modern building more stylish than the previous one. Elegant surroundings, fantastic views of the city, dining next to the harbour and the excellent cuisine will definitely make your evening a special one.

    The Darsena boasts the best rices of the whole of Alicante restaurant guide, offers over 150 different varieties and is very popular with visitors and locals alike.

  • Location: Marina Complex - Alicante City
  • Phone: 96 5207589 - 96 5143745
  • Int: (+34) 96 5207399
  • Email:

  • Nou Manolin

    The restaurant was established in 1972 and is very well favoured amongst locals for its selection of 50 tapas which is served on a daily basis. The menu focuses mainly on a selection of paellas, but includes many great dishes and a wide selection of Iberian wines.

  • Location: Villegas 3 - Alicante City
  • Phone: 96 5200368
  • Fax: 96 5217007
  • Email:

  • El Jumillano

    It offers a cornucopia of succulent food, many menu items are derived from locally inspired recipes.

  • Location: César Elguezábal 64 - Alicante City
  • Phone: 96 521 2964

  • El Buen Comer

    Typically Spanish restaurant and tapas bar which is very popular with the locals. Located in a little street at the back of the Town Hall you can sample special evening menus offering good choice of steak, pork or lamb dishes, or try the hake, calamari, or the tasty prawns – all at very reasonable prices.

  • Location: Calle Mayor 8 - Alicante City
  • Phone: 96 521 3541

  • El Monastrell

    This lovely restaurant offers a culinary experience in a trendy atmosphere, combining the best local traditional ingredients with a modern approach to cuisine.

  • Location: Calle de San Fernando 10 - Alicante City
  • Phone: 96 520 0363

  • Azahar

    Small and tastefully decorated, the Azahar (which is the Spanish word for orange blossom) offers traditional Alicantino dishes from the coast and from the mountains

  • Location: Alberola 57 - Alicante City
  • Phone: 96 512 1348

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    Goyescas, Bar Restaurant in Alicante
    Goyescas, Tapas Bar in Alicante
    In the heart of Alicante City, just minutes walk from Santa Barbara Castle, the Principal Theatre or the famous Ramblas, you can taste some of the best Spanish Tapas in a relaxing environment.

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