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Thousands of years before Alicante became a magnet for tourists, the area was a bottom-line destination for conquerors and traders, being a natural crossroads facing the sea.

Empire paid visits and stamped their influence on the history and culture of Alicante – Greeks, Carthaginians, Phoenicians and Romans, bringing along progress on all plans - medical knowledge, books, education, irrigation systems, books, education, as well as the famous oranges and the rice.

After 1244, when the city became part of the Catholic Castilian territory, Alicante turned in a long period of wars and uncertainty, specific to the medieval age. The city saw several decades of being the battle field of Kingdom of Castile against the Crown of Aragon.

There were very few events to point the history of Alicante the next centuries– in 1490 King Ferdinand II grants the City status, while 1691 brings the seven-day French siege. Over the years, Alicante conquered his prestige of a very important economic point, despite the black middle-age years of bombardments.

The 15th century brought along a segle d'or (golden age), and Alicante became a major Mediterranean trade point, exporting rice, wool, wine, oranges and olive oil, while, in less then 100 years, the population doubled.

This evolution, along with the fact that the city of Valencia was conquered by the French, lead Alicante to a new key point – the city became the capital of the Kingdom of Valencia. During the 18th century, Alicante was recovering after the disasters of the sea attacks, but it was really in the 19th century when the city started to expand considerably.

After receiving the license to trade with the Americas, the development knew booming levels. The 19th Century brought the demolition of the city walls, but as well the railway in 1858 year of the Alicante history.

The city development exploded, and it came a time of expansion as well, when many of the new districts were built. The 20th Century pointed the booming of the travel industry, which conferred the city the actual cosmopolitan aspect.

The Alicante history erupts from everywhere, from the buildings, monuments and churches, from the ancient remains. Today Alicante is the second largest city in the Land of Valencia with a population of over 300.000, a central location on the Costa Blanca.

Alicante Travel
When you prepare to visit Alicante, think of at least a three days break, because you simply cannot have enough of the sunny days, tasty food, nightlife, colorful festivals and of course, the friendly people.

Alicante Tours
One of the best ways to know the province is taking one of the Alicante Tours so you can witness the most wonderful places without worries

Alicante Tourism
Alicante region, a historic Mediterranean port, is considered as one of the most populous and vibrant provinces in Spain.

Alicante Quick Travel Guide
The Province of Alicante is a beautiful area just waiting to be explored; mountainous fortresses, lovely little coastal towns and inland villages will make your stay a unique experience.

Alicante Attractions
So what to do in Alicante? You will find many attractions in Alicante to keep you busy all day (and night!) long.

Alicante History
Thousands of years before Alicante became a magnet for tourists, the area was a bottom-line destination for conquerors and traders, being a natural crossroads facing the sea.

Alicante News
Keep up to date with the latest Alicante news, entertainment, business, politics, sports, breaking news, etc

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Alicante Hotels
Alicante Hotels
There is a wide range of excellent places to stay when visiting Alicante. You will find the best deals if you book some time in advance.

Car Hire in Alicante Airport
Alicante Airport Car Hire
It’s as easy as getting from A to B, not rocket science! When you come to Alicante, you don't want to miss the beautiful Costa Blanca scenery, inland towns, beaches and many attractions.

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