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Alicante Festivals

Alicante Festivals

Eat, drink and dance all night long

There are many Alicante Festivals throughout the year, some larger than others. Alicante is famous for its Fiestas, here you will find some of the most popular.

Our favorite is the Hogueras de San Juan - St John´s Bonfires, it is a fantastic time to be in the city. Many people from all over the world come for this unique celebration. If you're thinking about going to Alicante during the celebrations, make sure that you set your accomodation ahead of time as the city fills up quickly.

The festival is constant partying by people of all ages in the streets. It occurs once a year for a week, from 20th of June, and is full of excitement . The statues are burn the last night of the week Be ready for eating, drinking and dancing all night long.

There are other two important Alicante festivals to see:

Moros y Cristianos Festival, one of the best places to see this fiesta is Alcoy, in Alicante, Moors and Christians are played by the inhabitants of the town. Everyone gets involved in a pacific battle in the streets. The celebrations take place between the 22 and the 24 of April.

Santa Faz Pilgrimage, around 200,000 people walk in pilgrimage from the centre of the city to the Monasterio de Santa Faz (Monastery of the Holy Face).

Full Year Alicante Festivals Calendar


  • New Year Concert

  • Procession of the three wise men: Parade of Floats.

  • "Porrate" de San Antón: Pets blessing.


  • Carnival: Street Parades. Masked Balls. Competitions.


  • Easter week: Processions. Exhibitions.

  • Monas de Pascua: Countryside outings to eat the typical Easter cake (mona).

  • Santa Faz Pilgrimage: Two Thursdays after Easter Thursday. Pilgrimage to the Santa Faz Monastery.

  • Alicante Artists Winter Exhibition

  • MAY

  • Cruces de Mayo: Santa Cruz neighbourhood. Floral crosses, floral decoration of streets, procession, competitions. games. fireworks.

  • JUNE

  • Moros y Cristianos: San Blas neighbourhood (all events related to the Moors and Christian battles). Dancing and festivities. Parades.

  • Hogueras de San Juan: Declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest (20th to 29th June). Plantà (large papier-mâché and wooden statues are set in place). Parades. Flower Offerings. Bulls. Cremà (the statues are set alight and burnt). Fireworks competition on Postiguet Beach.

  • Medieval Market: Alicante Old Quarter. During the last week of June.

  • JULY

  • Virgen del Carmen: Tabarca Island. Dancing and festivities. Procession. Fireworks.

  • Santa Barbara Castle nights: Dinners and concerts in the castle.


  • August festivities: Alborada (concert). Processions, Theatre, Fireworks, Concerts and recitals. Open-air shows.

  • Moros y Cristianos: Altozano neighbourhood (all events related to the Moors and Christian battles) Dancing and festivities.

  • Santa Barbara Castle nights: Dinners and concerts in the castle.


  • Virgen del Socorro: Cabo Roig neighbourhood. Procession, gastronomic competitions, games, dancing and festivities. Fireworks.

  • Alicante National Theatre Festival

  • International Festival of Contemporary Music


  • Exhibition of spanish theatre by contemporary Authors.


  • International Puppets Festival (FESTITITERES).

Alicante Festivals

St John´s Bonfires
The Hogueras San Juan (St John's Bonfires), Alicante's principal festival, has been officially declared as of International Tourist Interest.

Moors and Christians
In Alicante the festival starts with a huge parade with people dressed in the period costumes of the Moors and Christians.

Santa Faz Pilgrimage
Santa Faz Pilgrimage is one of Alicante's most popular festivals, when around 200,000 people walk in pilgrimage from the centre of the city to the Monasterio de Santa Faz (Monastery of the Holy Face)

Attractions in Alicante
So what to do in Alicante? You will find many attractions in Alicante to keep you busy all day (and night!) long.

Fiestas in Spain
Explore the little known and unique fiestas in Spain!

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