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A quick snack on the go

Alicante fast food restaurants can be found in the city centre. If you fancy a quick burguer or pizza snack (or your kids are after the toy offered with the meal), there are various restaurants to choose from. The good news is that many fast food restaurants are adding healthier menu options.

It is now possible to eat a fairly nutritious meal on the go. There’s something about a nice cheesy slice of pepperoni pizza or a bacon cheeseburger. seems we just can’t get enough!

Fast Food Restaurants

Mc Donald's

  • Location: Explanada de España

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

  • Location: Rambla Mendez Nuñez 16

  • Burger King

  • Location: Avenida de Salamanca 4
  • Location: Avenida de Denia 4

  • Pizza Hut

  • Location: Alemania 25
  • Location: Avenida de Denia 4

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