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When thinking of the Alicante cuisine, it always brings two things in mind: freshness and quality. Closely linked to the Mediterranean, the local cuisine adds its own original stamp by giving big importance to the rice and fish combination, which is actually its base.

Alicante CuisineAdd the local fresh ingredients, the seafood captured every day, the huge variety of fruits and vegetables grown with traditional irrigation methods and you will get the complete image of this amazing cuisine.

A word you will hear very often in Alicante is “tapas”, actually the name for a wide variety of appetizers in Alicante and Spain.

The king dish is definitely the rice, available in many tasty recipes, especially in combination with fish. The best-known rice dish among tourists is of course, Paella, a mix of rice, saffron, and olive oil, garnished with vegetables, seafood or meet and cooked in a shallow flat pan.

Try also the rice a la alicantina, a lovely combination of rice and chicken, with shellfish and seasoned with a touch of red pepper and the arroz a banda (rice in fish broth).

For dessert there’s still something tasty to discover. It’s time for the turron (nougat), the dessert that made the Alicante cuisine famous. Usually eaten around Christmas, turron a delight at any season. Try both the soft turron called Jijona and the hard one called Alicante, and don’t miss the turrón a la piedra, crammed with almonds and flavored with lemon rind and cinnamon.

Make sure you ask for the Chef recommendation for one of the wines that complete the delicious meal. Taste the whites from La Marina district, or the red from Vinalopo. Don’t forget the Sangria, a wine punch seasoned with chopped fruit, honey, brandy or triple sec in small quantity and gaseosa (soda). Enjoy!

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Alicante Cuisine
When thinking of the Alicante cuisine, it always brings two things in mind: freshness and quality.

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Goyescas, Bar Restaurant in Alicante
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