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Alicante Attractions

Alicante Attractions

Great family days out


Theme parks, Water parks and Animal parks are some of the main entertainment options when planning a fantastic family day out in Alicante.

Most of the Parks are around Benidorm, just a 20-30 minutes drive from Alicante city. These are the best Parks to visit in Alicante:

Terra Mitica

It is our favorite of the Alicante attractions, Terra Mítica is a giant theme park located just outside Benidorm. There are five different areas at the park, all of which are associated with the Mediterranean sea: Egypt, Iberia, Greece, Rome and The Islands not to mention spectacular attractions such as "The Rescue of Ulysses" and the "Magnus Colossus" giant roller coaster. A million square meters where fun, excitement, mystery and entertainment come to life. More than 25 rides, numerous shows, excellent shops and fabulous restaurants..... for Full-On Family Fun... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!


  • Airport: Alicante Airport "El Altet" is located 34 miles from the park.
  • By train: Terra Mitica park has its own train station very close to the park on the Alicante-Denia F.G.V. line. The closest Renfe station, the Spanish State railway, is located in Alicante.
  • By Car: Take either N-330, N-332, N- 340 or the A7 motorway (exit 65A).

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    Aqualandia Water Park

    Europe's largest water park, is located behind the northern end of Playa Levante right next to Mundomar in the centre of Benidorm. It offers all kinds of water activities for every member of the family including the huge Atlantic wave pool, the springboards of Laguna, the beach and caves of Niagara and Adventureland which has been developed especially for young children.

    You will find some of the best Alicante attractions, there are plenty of high adrenaline rides with the Kamikaze, Black Hole and Big Bang which is Europe's highest chute ride.

    The Kamikaze and Big Bang prove a real crowd pleaser. For after what seems like a lifetime climbing stairs and the views starting to look a bit too distant, the only way is down, straight down and in a heartbeat it is all over before scrambling to reclaim lost swimwear and get out of that water as quickly as you can!

    For something a bit more sublime that won't make you lose your stomach there is the Zigzag, a twisting array of tubes where five people can race against each other, or try the Pistas Blandas, reminiscent of childhood days of pouring water and washing-up liquid down a large sheet of plastic and racing down hills.

    There are areas for the more dedicated swimmer who prefers calm water rather than the slides. You will find shaded areas, hammocks or chairs and several cafes or restaurants.

    All of the different pools have a qualified lifeguard in attendance and there is a first aid station for any emergency. You can rent lockers for the day to keep your valuables safe and you can also rent large rubber rings to take on the slides.

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    Mundomar Park

    Mundomar Park is located near the Mediterranean Avenue in Benidorm, close to other Alicante attractions such as Aqualandia water Park. It offers you the opportunity to get a close up view of the most popular marine animals like dolphins, sea lions, turtles and penguins or tropical forest fauna including funny talkative parrots and flamingos in their natural environment.

    From the interior of the grounded galleon, you can see below the surface of the water, and watch the dolphins in their natural habitat. Through giant reinforced windows, you can study the underwater life of these beautiful mammals.

    Suitable for old and young alike, adults as well as kids will gaze in awe as they begin their journey by the unique lagoon, crossing bridges and exploring its paths surrounded by dense vegetation, being greeted by flamingos and another colourful array of aquatic and tropical birds. A proud member of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals, Mundomar is not simply a theme park; its teaching elements enable you to learn a lot about the sea and its inhabitants.

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    Terra Natura Park

    The Terra Natura park is located about 5 km outside of Benidom. It is another large scale theme park where animals roam in their natural habitat. 1,500 animals of around two hundred different species are homed at Terra Natura.

    The park will take you on an amazing journey through 3 of the 5 continents: America, Asia and Europe representing the elements of nature: air, earth and water and Pangea which stands for an amazing vulcano.

    All the vegetation is native to the continent it is representing and even the staff in the restaurants, gift shops and shows are from their respective places, which all adds to Terra Natura?s aim of being an educational experience as well as a fun day combining history, culture, nature and leisure.

    If you are visiting the park during summer days, make sure you bring your bathing stuff with you, as the park also hosts a water park area (lots of water rides and a large pool area).

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    Attractions in Alicante


    Alicante Port
    Once the strategic point of the whole province, the Alicante Port gives today a touch of luxury to this beautiful setting of the city of Alicante.

    Tourist Information Alicante
    Important Tourist information about Alicante, travel, places to visit, transport, emergency numbers, etc.

    Alicante Beaches
    As one would expect of a sea-oriented city, the sea front (with its beaches, port and promenade) is the main characteristic of Alicante.

    Alicante Restaurants
    Complete guide of the best spanish, international and fast food restaurants in Alicante City.

    Alicante Old Quarter
    The Old Quarter, is a settlement which can trace its origins back to late Roman times, and where medieval walls are interspersed with streets and lanes dating from more recent times.

    Alicante Day Trips
    Alicante day trips are perfect to witness the beauty of this area and its impressive dash of history.

    Alicante Street Map
    Get an overview of the city and find your favorite places.

    Alicante Hot Air Ballooning
    You will sure enjoy the freedom of flying over El Fondo Beauty Spot in the district of Baix Vinalopo, near the towns of Elche/Elx y Crevillente, and; 2 large resevoirs area, as everything up-there gets calm and silent, while you are floating up to 1000 meters over the coast and the mountains, and see the miniature people and cars, looking as they just fall from a toy box.

    Santa Barbara Castle
    The Santa Barbara Castle is one of the largest in the Mediterranean region. It dominates the summit as well as a large part of the slopes of Mount Benacantil. A visit of the castle is one of the most visited attractions in Alicante.

    Alicante Cultural Route
    From prominent art museums down the line to smaller, Alicante city is full of museums to visit.

    Tabarca Island
    Tabarca is a small island off the Mediterranean coast of Alicante. It is the smallest permanently inhabitted islet in Spain and is currently known for its Marine reserve.

    Alicante Parks and Gardens
    Alicante Parks and Gardens are ideal for jogging, picnicking, or just to have a break. There are fantastic performances for children and adults during the summer.

    Theme Parks
    Theme parks, Water parks and Animal parks are some of the main entertainment options when planning a fantastic family day out in Alicante.

    Alicante Theatres
    The main venues in town for concerts,theatre, dance, opera and other cultural festivals.

    Alicante Singles
    Are you a single person looking for a romantic vacation spot, with a friendly atmosphere to enjoy life at its best? Pack for Alicante and make it the most romantic holiday of your life!

    Alicante Street Markets
    Markets are very popular in the towns of Alicante , you will see they can be found almost every day of the week.


    Alicante Nightlife
    Find out everything about Alicante nightlife. Pubs, nightclubs, theaters, etc.

    Alicante Old Quarter Pubs
    When visiting the Alicante Old Quarter Pubs, it is not unusual to see more people out and about at 2, 3 or 4 am in the morning than in many other cities during the day!

    Alicante Nightclubs
    You will usually start the night in the many bars and pubs in the old quarter "el barrio" area (do not expect anything before 1 - 1.30 am), then about 3 - 3.30 am you will head to the Port area where there are many trendy and modern bars and pubs.


    Alicante Shopping
    The heart of the shopping district is in and around Avenida de Maisonnave. Here you will find a vast array of shoe shops, boutiques, specialist shops and department stores such as El Corte Ingles. One of the favorite attractions in Alicante for visitors.

    Bridal Shops Alicante
    When buying in Alicante Bridal Shops , brides are wearing the wedding dresses of their dreams. They’re also finding great deals on exquisite bridesmaid dresses and flower girl. Stay within your big day budget!


    Yoga Alicante
    Yoga Alicante will help you find the peace you were longing for while will stretch you physically and mentally.

    Golf Clubs in Alicante
    It is Golf players paradise! Fantastic Golf Clubs within 15-20 minutes drive from the city.

    Water Sports in Alicante
    When you had enough of exploring, there are lots of options for water sports in Alicante, above and below the blue waters of the Mediterranean to make your day.

    Alicante Safari Parks
    The Alicante Safari Parks within short driving distance are must-go attractions, for safely watching the exotic wild animals in their wonderful natural environments especially if you are with the little ones!

    Alicante Lawn Bowling
    Bowling in Alicante is very well organised and there are a number of well managed and friendly clubs from which to choose.

    Scuba Diving in Alicante
    Alicante province - Costa Blanca is an ideal destination for divers looking for a great family holiday with diving as the their main activity, or for those looking to make just a few dives.

    Alicante Fishing
    Fishing in Alicante is just another of the many attractions in Alicante and a excellent way to relax in this beautiful part of Spain.

    Alicante Tennis
    If you are tennis enthusiast, there’s no better place to play and enjoy the Mediterranean such as Alicante!

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