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There is only one bus that goes into Alicante City from the airport. It takes approximately 40 minutes plus waiting time.

This bus is the C6 line and to take it you must go to bus stop number 30 (outside of the arrival terminal, just cross the first road and head up left). Stops 1 to 29 are for charter buses. The C6 bus is not a prepared bus for taking passengers to the city centre directly but is a regular line that have many stops and takes forever to arrive to Alicante (just 9 km away).

Alicante Airport Bus

Alicante Airport Bus to Benidorm

The spanish bus company ALSA offers a direct service from Alicante Airport to Benidorm bus station. To take this bus you must go to bus stops number 29 and 30. The bus departs 8 times per day in both directions during the summer months (June to August) and 4 times during the rest of the year. It takes 1 hour to get there so just sit back and relax!

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Alicante Airport Bus

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There is a wide range of excellent places to stay when visiting the Costa Blanca. A selection of Hotels, Villas, Hostels, Apartments and Campings in Alicante (cheap and expensive).

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Alicante Airport Car Hire
ItÂ’s as easy as getting from A to B, not rocket science! When you come to Alicante, you don't want to miss the beautiful Costa Blanca scenery, inland towns, beaches and many attractions.

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