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A Night Out on the Town

Going out at night in Alicante is so much like having an endless catalogue of bars, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and entertainment at your fingertips. The Nightlife here is very vibrant, especially in the summer.

Not to mention the Old Quarter, it contains within its walls a lively nightlife scene referred to as el barrio, where you can find some of the best Alicante pubs, bars and restaurants.

If you fancy a visit to the Casino in Alicante, you can visit "Casino del Mediterraneo", located just a few minutes from Alicante Port, or you might want to try PlayPoker first and have some fun and excitement.

The main nightclubs in Alicante are:

Potato (Muelle de Levante, 6)
Ay Carmela (Muelle de Levante. Bloque 1)
H20 (Muelle de Levante)
Capitan Haddock (Puerto de Levante)
La Biblioteca (Panoramis Shopping Centre)

or you can go to any of the main nightclubs in the city:

Pacha Explanada (Explanada de España, 28)
Discoteca Z Klub (c/ Coloma, 3)
Di Roma (Panoramis shopping centre)
Discoteca Limusín (c/ Navas, 12)
37 grados (C/ Castaños 20)
Wilson (Pintor Aparicio 15)

Keep in mind that people go out about midnight, usually to the Pubs in the Old Quarter until about 3 am when everybody head to the various clubs in the waterfront and the city.

Another "must see" in the city is the Teatro Principal or Principal Theatre. A neo classical building with more than 160 years history which is the main venue in town for concerts,theatre, dance, opera and other cultural festivals.

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