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The beautiful province of Alicante at your fingertips

Alicante Car Hire need not be a hassle, if you're prepared, that is, whether you're traveling to Alicante on business or on holidays. If you are planning to stay just in the city, for a short period of time, you might NOT need to hire a car.

Alicante is a small city so you can get everywhere walking around or taking a taxi there and then. However we definitely suggest to visit the inland and seaside lovely towns and attractions within the province.

Eight things you should know before booking your Alicante Car Hire

Make a reservation at least one week in advance, "it tends to be the earlier the better". While booking earlier doesn't always guarantee a price break (during peak travel seasons, for instance), you're more likely to come out ahead and ensure availability of the vehicle that you need.

Air Conditioning, it looks obvious but check that the car rental that you have found applies to a car with air-conditioning. Temperatures in summer are between 30 to 40 degrees Celsious.

Size matters, do consider the amount of luggage you will have and maybe go for the next size of car up. The price difference between different models is usually surprisingly small.

Make sure all of these are included in the rental:

  • Third party insurance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Airport fees
  • Breakdown cover
  • All local surcharges

  • Seat belts should be worn in the front and the rear

    Child seats, if you are travelling with children, you can get a car seat for children for about 3 extra euros a day.

    Check the car before you leave the airport, I know you want to get going ASAP, but just take a couple of minutes to check any bumps or other possible car damages. Otherwise the spanish car hire company could hold you responsible and charge you.

    Excess, the majority of spanish companies have a set amount of excess. If you have an accident the company will cover the rest of the repair's cost. Find out how much the excess is (sometimes it can be very high).

    It is probably better to pay a little extra for your Alicante car hire and get a lower excess or not be liable for any repair's cost at all.

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